Why Exfil?

We understand that we are an extension of *your* team, and not the other way around. 


We apply security and compliance methodologies in alignment with the way you have your business set up, paying attention to both the sensitivity of your data, and the reasons you architected your business practices the way you did. We then create a security plan for growth that is personalized to your specific, unique requirements. Finally, we grow together, as your business grows and changes, and as the security landscape also changes. We make sure you stay the step ahead you need to, to keep your business assets and processes secure and compliant. 


More importantly, Exfil is committed to keeping the process people-centric, emphasizing best practices and de-emphasizing egos and posturing. We’re here to get the job done, not to collect logos.  

Where does security fit in the process?

Bottom line

“You guys are the easiest to work with” – A Fortune 100 Company

No matter whether your core competency is HR to marketing to IT; security is ubiquitous. No matter what you do, Exfil helps you bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be from a security perspective.

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