Information security has come a long way.

In the not-so-distant past, “information security” was a way to say “hacker in a hoodie” in polite company. For most people, approaching infosec in their companies was sort of like approaching a strange dog; might be happy with being petted, might take your arm off. And a lot of industry practitioners largely promoted that perception, because fear, uncertainty, and doubt (or as we say in the industry, FUD) sells. 


But even then, there were people standing up, who knew that building a bridge will get you there faster. Who recognized that partnerships are stronger, and alliances even better, because they allowed for equals in practice standing together to get things done. 


It is in that spirit that Exfil Security, determined to do better, opened its doors. United behind the principle that standing shoulder to shoulder with you to improve your security posture is the best way to go about it, we started talking to our clients as equals, as co-participants in the security journey.

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