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A closed black box on a wood slat floor.

Black Box Cybersecurity

Examine the mysteries of cybersecurity layoffs and the black box dilemma. Discover the industry’s struggle to communicate its value, the consequences of relying on fear as a motivator, and the benefits of building transparent bridges with non-technical leadership for a positive cybersecurity engagement.

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Why Work with Exfil Certified?

Exfil Certified offers a modern and dynamic cybersecurity certification, bridging the gap between hacking and securing. Our unique approach emphasizes business acumen, dedicated mentoring, and effective communication to produce the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

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Crafting problem-solving strategies in security and programming, Mason Ferrell shares principles for effective solutions and insightful testing methods.

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DEF CON logo on a white background with a black border

Reflections on DEF CON 2023

In what has become an annual and much-anticipated event at Exfil, our team again went on its yearly pilgrimage to the DEF CON security conference in Las Vegas. As always it was a non-stop whirlwind running around trying to catch presentations, meet up with potential clients, do some team building, and grab delicious food. Now that we are back at work, I thought it might be fun to share some personal observations from DEF CON 2023.

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DEF CON logo over black background

Why Exfil Security Attends DEF CON

Exfil Security participates in DEF CON, the annual security conference that brings together security professionals, hackers, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the globe. Our attendance is driven by a commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity knowledge and innovation. By being part of DEF CON, we gain valuable insights into the latest cybersecurity trends, vulnerabilities, and defense strategies. Our dedication to DEF CON reflects our desire to deliver top-tier cybersecurity services to our clients and continually improve our expertise in the field.

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One mountain climber helps another up onto a mountain top.

Working With Us

If you were about to embark on an adventurous trek into some unfamiliar territory, wouldn’t you want to have a seasoned guide at your side, someone who knows the terrain and can help you avoid threats on the way to your destination?

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New Web Application Vulnerability Considerations

In this paper, we analyze new or upgraded threats to web applications that arose from 2021-2023, and offer some insight into mitigating these threats. With this, our goal is to strengthen the conversation regarding security of web properties belonging to your organization. Although the focus of this paper is web application security, it is impossible to address this without touching upon API and Cloud security as well. Given the prevalence of these technologies across the web, their vulnerabilities are closely related to the security of web applications.

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