An Exfil Application Security Training and Coaching Program

Are you considering cybersecurity, especially penetration testing as a career option?

This training and coaching program is designed to bridge the gap between traditional infosec training and the real-world security requirements of corporate security environments, with a focus on application security.

Our goal at Exfil Security is to give candidates both personalized application security training and coaching from an information security professional in order to prepare them for real-world cybersecurity testing and/or placement in the field of application security.

Why a Career in Cybersecurity is the Next BIG Thing


Zero-percent unemployment rate

In 2016, the cybersecurity unemployment rate dropped to zero percent. Since then, it has remained there. The security talent gap is also increasing with it each year… so to say cybersecurity is in demand is an understatement.


Increasing job opportunities

Unfilled jobs for cybersecurity professionals will reach five million globally by the end of 2021. Being equipped in this line of work already positions you as a valuable asset on the open market.


Unlimited growth potential

Cybersecurity presents unlimited educational and career opportunities. Tech security is considered a dedicated discipline, but its branches demand numerous forms of skill sets and it’s ever-evolving.

What you’ll need to succeed as a Penetration Tester

  • You have acquired some basic programming knowledge

  • You have a passion for breaking things and making things 

  • You stay up to date on the latest security trends 

  • You have a basic understanding of networking

  • You get excited about uncovering interesting vulnerabilities

  • You love pushing technology boundaries

  • You have good communication skills and can stay focused on tasks

  • You enjoy explicitly explaining to customers exactly why their security “needs improvement”

  • You are able to listen patiently when customers have questions


  • 5-6 Hours of Investigative Work

    Manually hunting for vulnerabilities

  • 1-2 Hour of Administrative Work

    Managing scanning tools

  • Retesting findings

  • Jumping on client calls

  • Writing reports/findings

  • 30 Minutes of Assessment

    Reviewing security news to stay informed and involved


Interactive, Hands-On Training & Coaching

We make application software security training easy, relevant, and accessible.

Within 6 months, most of our students are completing this program.

  • Jumpstart your career in one of the fastest-growing tech markets

  • Work remotely and at your own pace using online tools and resources

  • Receive mentoring from experienced cybersecurity professionals

  • Gain practical infosec experience that can't be found in textbook knowledge 

  • Develop professional consulting skills that are required in today's workforce

How to stay current as a pentester

Continual education

Graduate degrees


Reading blogs

Attending conferences

Presenting and writing papers

Become a Next Valuable Asset within the Tech Industry

Apply for the Exfil Application Security Training and Coaching Program

In order to be considered for the Exfil application security training and coaching program, candidates must first be approved via the eligibility application process.

This program is limited to 12 candidates per year.

Still not sure if a career in cyber security is for you?

Watch this video to get an in-depth look at Web App Penetration Testing.

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