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You absolutely could go to an information security training school, or a college with an IT or CS program. That’s a path a lot of fine people have taken.


If you’re reading this, that is probably not a path you ever took, or felt like you wanted to take. It’s highly likely that you’re doing something else entirely with your life, and you’re looking for a change. You’re probably someone who loves problem-solving, who enjoys making order out of chaos, and who has a fine disregard for showing your work. You probably were disassembling appliances when you were a toddler, and you’re probably really good at knowing where the holes are in arguments, processes, and procedures.

That means you’re ready to thrive in the real world of infosec.

Why Infosec?​

The zero-percent unemployment rate in the infosec field since 2016 is probably attractive. The increasing demand for infosec professionals is also a really good sign for the continued growth of the industry and therefore demand for people to engage with it.

But why not just enroll in some other course?

Because mentorship. 


Because you can learn what levers to pull or code to type anywhere, but in order to really understand why, it helps to have a mentor. If someone is right there with you, helping you to see the big picture, your learning increases, but more importantly, so does your expertise. And that’s sellable. 

Why do I have to learn something beyond code?

It’s not popular or fashionable to say so, but to be really excellent at being an infosec professional, you have got to have strong soft skills. You need to be able to really listen to people, empathize, understand their concerns, and then have the technical skills to bring into play what they need to keep their data safe. A mainstream cert can teach you how to do an excellent pentest, but it can’t teach you how to be an in-demand professional. We can.

There are lots of people in the industry who are 100% hard-skill focused. Why change?

Standards for consultants are higher than for employees. And so is pay. You can choose to just sit behind your computer and do the tests, but there’s a limitation there that we want to help our students grow beyond. 

Why just twelve a year?

Mentorship takes time and energy, and hey, we still need to keep the lights on around here. So twelve a year it is.

What do you need to succeed?

We make application software security training easy, relevant, and accessible.

Within 6 months, most of our students are completing this program.

Become a Next Valuable Asset within the Tech Industry

In order to be considered for the Exfil application security training and coaching program, candidates must first be approved via the eligibility application process. This program is limited to 12 candidates per year.

Still not sure if a career in cyber security
is for you?

Watch this video to get an in-depth look at Web App Penetration Testing.

Dennis Bailey

About our Instructor

Our lead instructor, Dennis Bailey, is a huge DIY guy, having contributed to security standards and bicycle repair lore in equal measure. He’s got three Masters degrees, two kids, and a birding reserve in Colombia. No partridges, no pear trees, just a lot of patience and perspective.